Jack Frost - Picture Book - The Guardians of Childhood

Andrew theophilopoulos telescope andrewtheophilopoulos

Man in the Moon

Andrew theophilopoulos spotlight andrewtheophilopoulos

Nightlight and young Man in the Moon

Andrew theophilopoulos ship fight andrewtheophilopoulos

Nightmare's on the Horizon

Andrew theophilopoulos battle with nightmare andrewtheophilopoulos

Battle with Pitch, the Nightmare King

Andrew theophilopoulos crash andrewtheophilopoulos

Crashing to Earth

Andrew theophilopoulos jack portrait andrewtheophilopoulos

Nightlight, cursed into a human

Andrew theophilopoulos tis a boy andrewtheophilopoulos

A human boy with a frosty soul

Andrew theophilopoulos faster than andrewtheophilopoulos

With the powers to rule the skies

Andrew theophilopoulos clouds andrewtheophilopoulos

Shaping the world into his imagination

Andrew theophilopoulos cover andrewtheophilopoulos

The boy, Jack Frost, bringing the change of seasons

Andrew theophilopoulos long for warmth andrewtheophilopoulos

But Jack was alone. And even though the frost didn't bother him, he still felt cold inside.

Andrew theophilopoulos moonbeam andrewtheophilopoulos

But the Man in the Moon showed him the light

Andrew theophilopoulos scary eyes andrewtheophilopoulos

Showed Jack how to find a warmth for his heart

Andrew theophilopoulos illumination andrewtheophilopoulos

And with this power, Jack could change the lives of those who live in fear

Andrew theophilopoulos fly away andrewtheophilopoulos

And share his Frosty powers with the children of Earth

Andrew theophilopoulos cominghome andrewtheophilopoulos

To keep their hearts warm, and jolly

Andrew theophilopoulos stories andrewtheophilopoulos

Which in turn, created a new found warmth in his own heart

Andrew theophilopoulos jacksonfrost

Jack Frost was finally free

Andrew theophilopoulos tillnexttimeupdated

And when the seasons start to change

Andrew theophilopoulos shadow 44 45updated

We know he'll be close by!

Andrew theophilopoulos cover2 andrewtheophilopoulos

William's sketch on the right. My WIP paint job on the left.

Andrew theophilopoulos stories38 39updated

William's Sketch

Andrew theophilopoulos stories38 39updated1

Getting rid of the white canvas by using old painting

Andrew theophilopoulos stories38 39updated2

Adding more old paintings to create a better sense of color, light and texture

Andrew theophilopoulos stories38 39updated3

Pushing towards the final polish

Andrew theophilopoulos stories andrewtheophilopoulos

Close up of the final!

Andrew theophilopoulos title page

Photo from interior

Jack Frost - Picture Book - The Guardians of Childhood

Surely you've heard of the Guardians of Childhood? Those who watch over our planet, keeping the children of Earth safe from darkness and despair. Mystic creatures, immortal heroes like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and of course Jack Frost.

This series of illustrations was a collaboration with the legendary, William Joyce. Joyce is responsible for the creation of several successful tv shows, movies and novels including Rolie Polie Olie, Rise of the Guardians, Meet the Robinsons, Epic, Robots and so much more! Together as a tag team, we've put together the Jack Frost children's book. William would create the pencil sketches for composition and character placement, then I would bring his sketch to life with the paintings seen here...

For your reference, I've attached a few samples of Joyce's sketches, as well as my process for creating the final paintings. You can find the book at most major book retailers!