Breath of the Wild - Mixed Media

Andrew theophilopoulos andrewtheophilopoulossmallbotw

The final 24''x30'' painting

Andrew theophilopoulos link andrew theo

Close up of Link

Andrew theophilopoulos zelda andrew theo

Detail shot of Princess Zelda

Andrew theophilopoulos guardian andrew theo

Out of Ammo

Andrew theophilopoulos banner breath of the wild logo

4FT banner for my upcoming travels to conventions! See you there :D

Andrew theophilopoulos textures in shop

ULTRA HD OIL textures in my shop!

Breath of the Wild - Mixed Media

A childhood favorite of mine, The Legend of Zelda continues to influence my work time and time again. This is a tribute piece to the recent Breath of the Wild title, though I've yet to beat the game, this is what I assume happens at the end. Link's been beaten alive and brought back from the dead a few times, and yet he still has the ingenuity to help Zelda escape on a jimmy-rigged shield ride using the paraglider. He's completely out of ammo and old rusty weapons, their only hope is Princess Zelda's mystical powers. This is totally how they defeat Calamity Gannon right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you look closely at the textures, you'll notice I've been playing with a new technique to bridge the gap between my oil paintings and Photoshop work. I've never tried this before, but I'm basically "skinning" my illustration with ULTRA-HD scans of my original oils. The textures seen here are from my Zelda piece in the "Ultra HD Oil Textures Pack" found in my shop!

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