South Lake Tahoe (Fallen Leaf Lake)

Andrew theophilopoulos tahoe buggy wide

My original crop

Andrew theophilopoulos tahoe buggy lg

A little bit of sky, a little bit of color.

Andrew theophilopoulos tahoe buggy thumb

Turns out the 200 year old child was a witch!

Andrew theophilopoulos tahoe x 3

3 watercolor paintings in one day!

South Lake Tahoe (Fallen Leaf Lake)

I spent the last week camping around South Lake Tahoe, doing a bunch of watercolor sketches including this triad of the waterfront. After I scanned the triad, I bashed the watercolors together, adding a hint of story to the new painting. It was a fun sketch exercise, most of my work takes weeks of polish so I've been in need of something speedy. Hope you enjoy, and more importantly that you take some time to paint outdoors!

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