Plein Air - Wacom Cintiq in the Woods

On vacation in Santa Cruz, California 2014 - I hike a few miles out into the woods to paint the landscape on a 1st generation Cintiq Companion. Watch this 12 minute video to learn a little bit about the gear needed for outdoor digital plein air, as well as how to quickly manipulate a blank canvas to get colorful light and texture. I've also supplied a 20,000PX scan of my oil painted version for you to bash and create abstract plein air textures for your original concepts!

What's Included:

  • Demo film with voice over
  • PSD with layer breakdown
  • My all time favorite custom Photoshop brush + shortcut technique for Mac and PC
  • ULTRA HD scan of my oil painted copy -  20,000 x 10,000 PX 

Special thanks to Danny Samuels (He built the Tripod Desk) and Ryan Kirkcaldy (Filming). This film can be viewed for free on Youtube, but you will not gain access to the PSD, Brush, or Oil Painting Scan.

©2014 Andrew Theophilopoulos - - Reproducing or selling copies of these files in either print or digital form is strictly prohibited.

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Companion in the woods - Oil
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AndrewTheo - Cintiq Companion in the Woods
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AndrewTheophilopoulos Companion in the Woods
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Brush Size Shortcut
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Theonidas Hard Round
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